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Getting to Know Your Built-In Modular Kitchen Appliances!


Modular kitchen vendors in India provide a variety of built-in equipment, such as gas stoves, chimneys, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and water purifiers. Countertop gadgets such as blenders and air fryers are also considered by some. This post will go through how to clean the two most typical modular kitchen appliances, the gas stove/hob and the chimney.

Cleaning the Gas Stove/Hob: Keeping the gas stove clean is critical for kitchen hygiene and safety. Wiping with a diluted dishwashing liquid solution on a daily basis is advised. Baking soda and salt should be avoided since they may scrape the surface. Every two weeks, deep clean the stove by removing the grates and burners, soaking them in diluted dishwashing detergent, and gently scrubbing the stove. Check the gasoline ports to verify they are not clogged.

Cleaning the Chimney: Because of frying and spicy dishes, Indian cuisine frequently causes filth and stains on chimneys. Wiping with a microfiber towel on a daily basis is recommended. Every other month, the chimney mesh filters must be thoroughly cleaned. Soak them in diluted dishwashing solutions to remove difficult stains before cleaning with a scrubber.

To summarize, keep your modular kitchen appliances in good working order by using common home components and equipment rather than harsh chemicals and pricey cleaning products. Clean your gas stove and chimney on a regular basis to maintain a clean and safe kitchen.

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