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Entire Customer Journey for Customized Decor and Kitchen Renovation


Bespoke Decor, a well-known interior design company in Kerala, has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the industry by remodeling modular kitchens. Having transformed many houses in the past, we look forward to the chance to apply our experience to your area.

Our blog is an extension of our dedication to transparency, which is a fundamental component of our client interactions. Our objective is to showcase the degree of attention to detail and personalization we offer, striving to produce an ideal result catered to your particular needs. With every project, we put longevity, ease of upkeep, and exceptional beauty first. Here, we go into detail about Bespoke Decor's whole kitchen makeover process, beginning with the first customer consultation.

Contacting Bespoke Decor: The process starts when a potential customer gets in touch with us, either by phone call or online inquiry, or by walking into our store to schedule an appointment. When customers visit our showroom, our knowledgeable designers walk them through the subtleties of modular kitchens and provide advice on durability, utility, and style.

Although we welcome online queries, we advise customers to come in to the store for a more thorough explanation prior to obtaining a price. This phase is essential for clearing up misunderstandings and guaranteeing that decisions are made with knowledge.

1.Site Measurements: Carefully measuring the site is the first step in the planning process when it is decided to move forward. Since every home is different, accuracy is essential to prevent any misalignments in the finished result.

2.Comprehending Client Requirements: Our designers focus on both utility and aesthetics, having a thorough conversation with the client to understand their unique tastes and cooking ways.

3. Rough 2D Sketch: Equipped with knowledge, our designers produce the first iteration of the modular kitchen layout.

4. Customer Input on Design and Quote Estimate: After receiving a basic drawing and a cost estimate, the customer is invited to offer input and recommend changes.

5. Detailed Presentation of Kitchen Renovation Plans: After acceptance, other design possibilities might be offered. After that, a thorough presentation that includes the whole kitchen renovation plan would be given.

6. Design Finalization: The customer is reassured by the final design, which turns their vision into a genuine, observable reality.

7.Finalization of the quotation: The final quotation is given upon acceptance of the design. If necessary, less expensive options are recommended without sacrificing utility and style.

8. Token Advance Payment: A token advance payment is required to secure order confirmation.

9. Final Site Measurements: Before moving further, site measurements are again checked for accuracy.

10. Agreement: For mutual understanding, a comprehensive agreement outlining every facet of the restoration is produced.

11. Customer Approval: The agreement is reviewed and approved by the client, which is a significant project milestone.

12. 70% Advance Payment: The firm begins producing customized components after receiving a 70% advance payment.

13. manufacturer Process Begins: The client is informed of a verified readiness date when the manufacturer receives production instructions.

14. Installation Schedule Provided to Client:The customer receives an installation report that is comprehensive and includes a schedule.

15. Material Dispatch: The material is sent from the factory when it has been verified to be ready.

16. Initial Site Preparation:After the factory ships the material, demolition starts, so the customer will not be inconvenienced too much.

17. Last Cash Payment:The last payment is received prior to the start of installation.

18. Installation of the modular kitchen begins:Cabinet installation is the initial step in the installation of the factory-made, bespoke components.

19. Transition for Granite Project:The location is given over to countertop construction.

20. Concluding Adjustments:Prior to the formal handover, all necessary replacements or adjustments are taken care of.

21. Formal Transfer:The refurbishment of the modular kitchen is officially completed with the handover.

22. Service Support: To guarantee a positive and long-lasting client experience, our staff offers continuing service support and maintenance advice after handover.


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