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How to Use Glossmister, Artize, and Laminate Finishes to Create an Elegant Kitchen


A budget-friendly kitchen's design must strike a careful balance between affordability, personal expression, and utility. The kitchen requires surfaces that are easy to maintain and long-lasting because it is a high-traffic area that is exposed to heat and moisture. In the age of small, open modular kitchens, design is just as important as practicality.

Those looking for affordable kitchen design solutions have a variety of finishing options to choose from:

Laminates: Also referred to as sun mica, laminates have grown in popularity as an affordable and useful kitchen material. These synthetic materials are made by utilizing polymer glue to adhere layers of paper, plastic, or resin together under particular pressure and heat settings. Laminates show to be more cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable than veneer treatments. Laminates are a contemporary and reasonably priced alternative since brands like Merino Laminates and Greenlam Laminates provide a variety of possibilities in colors and textures.

Artize: Adding artistic designs to kitchen cabinets, Artize elevates laminate finishes to a creative level. High-quality laminates are carved with elaborate designs using CNC laser cutting equipment, giving the shutters a distinctive look. Standard sizes of Artize shutters are available in a range of designs, including African Art, Floral Art, Maple Leaf Patterns, and Indian Warli Patterns. This provides a unique look without requiring specialized construction, elevating the aesthetic of a low-cost kitchen.

Gloss Meister: Pre-laminated MDF and particle boards made of melamine are given a PU+ coating to improve laminates. This economical method yields a glossy, mirror-like surface. Because of its suppleness and resilience to abrasion and scratches, the PU+ coating makes cutting and drilling simple. Gloss Meister panels do not yellow with time and hold their color well. For those looking for a stylish, long-lasting kitchen design without going over budget, this is the ideal solution.

Kitchens are becoming more than just hidden spaces; their design has to reflect this change. By selecting one of these finishing options, you can design a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful while staying within your budget.


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