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Don't Believe the Myth That a Full-Fledged Hettich or Hafele Kitchen Exists!


Utilizing brand names and esoteric vocabulary, many modular kitchen interior designers and retailers frequently encourage buyers to purchase Hettich or Hafele kitchens. Customers must be aware of what these brands actually add to a modular kitchen. Vendors in this sector use a range of strategies, but making well-informed choices is crucial. Let's examine Hettich and Hafele's involvement in the main product categories for modular kitchens:

Shutters and cabinets (60%):

The structure and look of the kitchen are created by these elements.
The lifespan of the kitchen is largely influenced by the quality of the materials used.
Premature failure might result from inferior materials.

Accessories & hardware (25%):

This group of functional components comprises drawers, corner units, lift-ups, pull-outs, hinges, and channels.
These components are mostly provided by Hettich and Hafele for modular kitchens.

Other vital elements of a modular kitchen are not produced by them.

Putting in (6%):

The pre-drilled modular kitchen components are put together by skilled carpenters, assuring a perfect fit.
The components are built specifically to fit the kitchen.

Equipment (9%):

There are many brands of modular kitchen appliances, including Hafele.
Both interior designers and clients favor other well-known brands including Sleek, Bosch, Siemens, Faber, and Elica.
Therefore, it's important to understand that Hettich and Hafele make up only 25% of the whole modular kitchen when your interior designer says a Hettich or Hafele kitchen. The remaining components that constitute a sizeable portion of your finished modular kitchen are frequently purchased locally or changed out for non-branded goods. Because of this, it is debatable whether it really qualifies as a Hettich or hefele kitchen.

Only a small number of reliable businesses, including Sleek and other imported European brands, provide goods made wholly under their brand name or from sources under their control. This guarantees a hassle-free experience from start to finish, including design, installation, and beyond.


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