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Three Proven Methods for organise, Cleaning, and Maintaining Your Modular Kitchen


Your kitchen represents the soul of your house as well as your own flair. A well-kept modular kitchen with clean counters, organized cupboards, and effective space management improves its overall appeal.

The KonMari Method, popularized by Marie Kondo, encourages you to embrace minimalism while arranging your kitchen. Begin by dividing goods into three areas depending on their ability to ignite joy: Keep (joy-sparking), Donate (possible delight for others), and Discard (no joy). To keep expenditures under control, avoid making unneeded purchases.

Cleaning Routines: Create daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines for thorough upkeep. Unnoticed regions must be included in your itinerary. Cleaning and deep-cleaning operations on a regular basis will keep your modular kitchen appearing like new.

Divide into Zones: Make your kitchen more functional by separating it into seven zones:

Zone 1: EVERYDAY (convenient access to daily products)
ZONE 2: COOKING (Proximity to cooking appliances)
Zone 3: PANTRY (Dry products and spices storage)
Zone 4:  ACCESSORIES & STORAGE (Food storage) 
Zone 5: COFFEE & BAR (Coffee, barware, and drinks) 
Zone 6: BELOW SINK (Cleaning supplies storage)
Zone 7: SPECIAL objects (fragile or ornate objects) 
Design your modular kitchen to fit these zones properly.

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