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The ultimate living room design check list.


Moving to a new place or making the snap decision to redesign the interior of your house might be intimidating. The living room, the centre point of any design scheme, can create a dramatic impression by skillfully combining the best decoration ideas.

It is important to take a break from the details of placement decisions and unwind for a bit. With our comprehensive checklist, you may get a well-organized living room design. You may already be aware with some of these pointers, but there are some that are easy to forget. As a result, we advise you to bookmark this page for future use.


Let's explore the frequently disregarded facets of contemporary living room ideas!

1. Greenery: To create a revitalising atmosphere in your living area, add plants or recently cut flowers. These details add to the room's beauty, whether it's a stylish arrangement of fresh flowers in a clear vase or the inclusion of colourful, oxygen-purifying plants.

2. Accent Seating: To enhance your living room's conversational atmosphere, consider investing in accent seating pieces like lounge chairs, ottomans, or wooden stools that go well with your existing furniture.


3. Console and Centre Tables: A centre table is an essential piece of furniture. For small areas, think of sleek console tables that may be used to accentuate the depth of walls or to create a minimalist effect by tucking them under sofas.

4. Lighting: Although natural light is best, a well-lit living room needs pendant lights for minimalist designs, table lamps for classic touches, designer floor lamps for a modern look, and ceiling chandeliers for larger rooms. Don't forget to use the proper backlighting to emphasise artwork.

5. Rugs: To designate sections in large living rooms, choose layered rugs; in smaller spaces, pay close attention to rug size and design to prevent the area from appearing smaller.


6. Window Coverings: You can improve the visual attractiveness of your living room with drapes, curtains, or blinds that are suited to your climate. Select materials and styles that go well with your interior decor while keeping upkeep in mind.

7. couch or Sectional: Give priority to a couch or sectional that strikes a balance between style and use. Choose an upholstery colour that goes well with your interior decor and considers how much upkeep the piece will require. Add a personal touch with pillows for the couch.

8. Additional Decor details: Use big paintings, books on the coffee table, or other peacefully conveying ornamental details to elevate your living room. Modern wall mirrors are especially useful in flexible living spaces.


Although it may appear simple, this list serves as a vital starting point for remodelling living rooms. Being a homeowner gives you the ability to set priorities, add new components, and choose which features to remove. Use this thorough checklist to go over and improve your list over time!

If there's anything we overlooked, feel free to reach out.


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