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How to Build an Attractive Kitchen With Laminate, Artize, and Glossmister Finishes.

by Bespoke Decor Kochi


Navigating through many options is required to determine the best finishing selections for building an economical kitchen design. Balancing efficiency, personal expression, and economic restraints is extremely important in interior design, particularly in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen. Kitchen surfaces must be both durable and easy to maintain due to their regular exposure to heat and moisture. The ongoing trend of compact and open modular kitchens emphasises both functionality and aesthetic appeal.




Discover some of the most popular and visually appealing finishing alternatives for creating a budget-friendly kitchen:





1) Laminates

Laminates, often known as sun mica or mica finish, have become a popular choice for people looking to build a functional yet affordable kitchen. These synthetic materials are created by glueing sheets of paper, plastics, or resins with polymer glue under specified heat and pressure conditions.




In the Veneer Finish versus Laminate Finish discussion, veneer finishes, which are distinguished by a thin layer of wood bonded to the surface, stand out as a carefully studied alternative. Below is a comparison of the two finishing options.



  • Cost: Due to its natural origin, veneers are more expensive to create than laminates, which are mass-produced and hence less expensive.


  • Sturdiness: While veneers are more easily damaged by heat and moisture, laminates have waterproof and heat resistant qualities.


  • Upkeep: Laminates require no special care, however veneers require regular polishing to keep their appearance.


  • Appearance: Veneers have the real look of wood (provided that they are genuine wood), whereas laminates appear fake.



The'real wood' look of veneers gives a more opulent and expensive appeal, but laminates are the better option if you want a more contemporary, low-maintenance, and affordable kitchen. Notably, well-known manufacturers like Merino Laminates and Greenlam Laminates offer a wide variety of laminate finishes with a range of colour and texture options to suit a variety of design preferences.



2. Artie Artize adds an artistic touch to laminate finishes to make them more refined. Add some flair to your kitchen cabinets with custom shutter designs. With a CNC laser cutting device 



Artize is a machine that can precisely carve complex patterns into premium laminates. A range of designs, such as African Art, Floral Art, Maple Leaf patterns, or Indian Warli patterns, are available for standard-sized Artize shutters. These choices give your inexpensive kitchen a unique look and elevate its style in a way that would be difficult to accomplish even with bespoke construction.




3. Master of Gloss

   Particle boards and MDF with melamine-based pre-lamination are the substrates used in Gloss Meister panels, which are coated with PU+. This method produces a glossy, mirror-like appearance and is more cost-effective than regular Poly-Urethane paint. In addition to providing resistance to abrasion and scratches, the PU+ coating creates an elastic and flexible layer that facilitates cutting and drilling. Gloss Meister panels don't yellow over time because they hold their colour. Kitchens are no longer hidden away in tiny spaces in today's homes; they instead take centre stage alongside the living and dining rooms. Our professionals at Bespoke Décor are happy to help you create a kitchen that flawlessly complements your style, whether you prefer the artsy mood of Artize, the sleek elegance of Gloss Meister, or the variety of laminate surface possibilities.



Executed by Bespoke Decor Kochi

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